It’s not just about more money.

Every business is unique in its needs for working capital. That’s why MidCap Business Credit provides loans that are customized for each client’s situation.

Although the details are different for each company, the goal is to bring liquidity to your working capital, so you can support your financial obligations, purchase inventory, or expand your business.

  • Borrowing from MidCap starts with a custom-designed financial solution for your company’s needs.
  • Liquidity and cash flow to meet operating expenses are common goals and are part of the MidCap financial plan for your company.
  • Reporting systems that are unique in the industry. Most of our competitors do not offer the proprietary, detailed, daily email reports containing valuable information on the loan availability, the status of their loan, and the status of their accounts receivable.
  • Less time spent with field audits and onerous reporting. If you’re tired of unproductive finance company audits and hate doing the paperwork associated with asset-based financing, MidCap’s proprietary electronic reporting systems substantially reduce this activity.
  • Senior management involvement means getting to know your business better, and frequent communication means a better understanding of the challenges your business may face. It’s not just about money.
  • Facilitate access to other experts to help companies make the best decisions for their future.
  • Assistance in preparing your company for growth and strengthening your borrowing position.

If you talked with our clients, they would tell you about these advantages of working with MidCap:

“MidCap has wide and deep resources, with access to other experts to help us restructure our business. More money is not necessarily the only answer.”

“They helped us over the bumps in the road through structure and monitoring. We came out a better and stronger company.”

“Working with MidCap removes some of the uncertainties of our cash position to meet obligations such as payroll and payroll taxes.”

“MidCap gets to know your business at a deeper level than a bank, with daily service that’s much more personal.”

“The financing package MidCap arranged was more creative than the traditional lender we had worked with for more than 40 years.”

“The transition to MidCap freed up working capital, so we could maintain current payment status with our vendors and increase our lines of credit.”

“The full line of credit available to us has doubled over 3 years, enabling us to purchase new machinery and equipment.”

“One of the biggest benefits to working with MidCap was getting our days outstanding down – they finance all of our receivables and our equipment.”

“We don’t allow our customers to use us like a bank anymore. MidCap helped us develop a firmer approach with our receivables.”

“Financially, we’re in the best shape we’ve been in since we bought the company in 1996.”


MidCap’s main office in West Hartford, Connecticut, is about one mile from the birthplace of James Talcott, the banker and merchant who first envisioned the non-traditional lending institution in 1854 that bore his name. It’s somehow fitting that MidCap sits on the same soil and uses similar ingenuity to help companies through difficult times.

If your company needs a commercial loan or needs to take advantage of an opportunity to grow, contact your nearest representative by clicking here