MidCap provides asset-based loans and loan servicing programs to fit the specific needs of your business.

Asset-Based Lines of Credit for Small and Mid-Size Companies

MidCap provides commercial loans necessary to support your growth and assist your business through temporary financial setbacks. Our asset-based commercial loans range from $2,000,000 to $20,000,000. Our collateral monitoring systems, along with our senior management team’s direct involvement, make available the service and working capital you need to run your business.

The companies MidCap lends to generally do not qualify for commercial loans with banks because their financial condition does not meet the standards of banks. When banks make loans that they describe as “asset based loans”, they focus on the borrower’s cash flow and net worth. MidCap is a true asset based lender, whose focus is lending on the value of the borrower’s assets that will secure the loan.

MidCap also supports the financing of foreign accounts receivable and finances accounts receivable denominated in various international currencies.

Loan and Collateral Monitoring and Reporting Services for Lending Institutions

MidCap provides specialized loan accounting services and collateral borrowing base reporting services for banks, hedge funds, and others requiring detailed management and electronic reporting of their loans and collateral. Our reporting services are especially valuable to lending institutions that want to provide lines of credit to borrowers, but don’t have the ability to track their clients’ loan and collateral borrowing base.

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